A story about a piano

piano sidecar

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Some time ago I read this story and because of a recent project at the agency, I have remembered it. I found it interesting to share with you, and comment it briefly later. It is a story written by Bud Robbins, from the agency Robbins & Kresser. It’s a bit long but I think worth your time despite Bud, when he wrote it, didn’t have the media fragmentation or the supercompetitive market that we have today. This is what it says: Continue reading

Positioning and brand promise, two key tools for planners

a brand is not a thing, its a promise

At first, you might think that these are two clearly different concepts, but when someone starts to think of them as basic tools to build a brand communication strategy, its borders begin to blur and what began as two different concepts, jumble each other and lead to confusion. That’s why I’ve considered relevant to talk first about the differences between them and then, go in depth briefly about the application of the two tools in the day to day of a planner.  Continue reading

Dear planners, you should take some time OFFF

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A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed in Barcelona the, possibly, best event dedicated to graphic and interactive design in Europe.
The Offf is a series of conferences on three-day class taught by motley profiles such as design studios, interactive productors, illustrators, programmers or art directors come from all corners of the planet. Countless professionals that despite their eclectic origin, share in common two key aspects: to be the best in their respective fields and an extreme love for what they do. These two attributes are what really cause inspiration in abundance to those who were lucky enough to listen them during those three days.

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Planning Hangout: The Internet of things

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Inauguramos esta sección llamada “Planning hangouts” con una conversación de lo más interesante sobre “The Internet of things” con Jesús Melero, Brand & Innovation Strategist de Dommo.

Este formato nace con el objetivo de recoger temas clave, tendencias o información que pueda interesar a cualquier planner a través de conversaciones con algunos de los mejores planners del momento donde se intercambien ideas y se extraigan conclusiones que puedan aportar inputs de conocimiento para los profesionales de la comunicación. Continue reading

The “Why-How-What” Tool

elvis tell me why

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There are some tools that help the planner to manage their ideas in a better way, prioritizing the information about a brand or simply test our hypotheses prior to the strategy. These tools do not provide the answer for themselves, but they help to find it and are very useful in our day to day.

One of my favourite tools for strategic approaches is the diagram of “why, how, what” inspired by the work of Simon Sinek, who wrote in 2009 the book “Start with Why”.

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To solve a brief, you must take in the information, dive into the subject and then leave the problem. Lose respect for the problem. Make fun of it. Look at it from OUTSIDE.

Carlos Rolando.

All that glitters is not insight


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I felt like write this post.

Many times I find clients (and even advertising professionals) using wrong, and even worse, over-using the term “insight”, a concept that despite being a key to any brand strategy, only a few know what really means, usually confusing the term with simple observations of people’s daily life. The reality is that the “insight” has become a weapon, another buzz word that tries to lend authority to something that is a lesser, more obvious thought than an insight.

So lets clarify it from the start. This is NOT an insight:

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